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05/31/2014 -



The Open Wheel Spectacular took place at Sandusky Speedway on Saturday May 31, 2014. The Bio Based.US Midwest Supermodified Association (MSA) Supermodifieds, The Pie Factory Buckeye Super Sprints (BSS) and The Ghostly Manor Modifieds were the featured divisions.
In the Bio Based.US Midwest Supermodified Association (MSA) Supermodifieds qualifying it was Dave Shullick Jr. the fastest at a 14.320. Shullick Jr. also won the first heat race while Trent Stephens won the second heat race. In the thirty lap feature race it was Dave Shullick Jr. for his second straight MSA feature win of the season.
The Pie Factory Buckeye Super Sprints (BSS) preliminary events saw Kevin Mingus the fast qualifier with a time of 15.702. Frank Neill  was the heat race and feature race winner.
The Ghostly Manor Modified division had Jason Drew in only his second appearence of the season setting the fast time at 18.348. John Bartlome won the heat race and Jason Wells was the feature race winner.
In the twenty lap Modified feature race Jason Wells and John Bartlome made up the front row with the caution flag out for a bad start. On the restart it was Bartlome on the outside with a slight lead over Wells. Stephen Klinect, Tyler Shullick and Norm Taylor made up the top five. Logan Hamilton spun in turn three on lap four bringing out the caution flag. This restart saw Wells leading followed by Bartlome; Klinect; Taylor and Kenny Sharp. The running order remained unchanged at the halfway point of the race.The caution flag was out on lap eighteen when Logan Hamilton stopped on the backstraight. John Bartlome had dropped some gear oil on the track. The restart saw the front row of Wells and Klinect with neither driver giving up any ground. Wells took command of the lead on lap nineteen followed by Klinect, Sharp,Taylor and Marlowe the top five. Wells would hold off a very determined Klinect to take the checkered flag.
The Buckeye Super Sprint (BSS) twenty five lap feature was brought to the green flag by Frank Neill and Ross Rollins. There would be a complete restart because of a bad start. On the restart it was Neill with the lead followed by Kevin Shirey , Rollins, Charlie Schultz and Brian Gibbs. Zach Gibson got past Gibbs to advance into the top five running order. Neill had almost a half straightaway lead over Shirey before the race had reached double digits. Neill would increase his lead as the laps clicked by to take the checkered flag with ease.
The Bio Based.US Midwest Supermodified Association (MSA) Supermodifieds were pushed out next for their thirty lap feature. On the front row it was A.J. Lesiecki and Jon Henes pacing the field to the green flag. Henes took the lead followed by Kyle Edwards, Charlie Schultz; Lesiecki and Shullick Jr. On lap four the top five running order was now Henes, Edwards, Schultz, Shullick Jr. and Trent Stephens. Two laps later and Shullick Jr. was now running in third place as his pace was lightning quick. The top five running order on lap ten would be Henes, Shullick Jr., Edwards, Stephens and Schultz. The top five running order remained unchanged at the halfway mark.
Dave Shullick Jr. would make his move and take the lead on lap nineteen. Henes ran second followed by Stephens, Edwards and Schultz. Stephens would get past Henes and give chase to Shullick Jr. but it would be too little too late as Dave Shullick Jr. was on a tear around the half mile Sandusky Speedway enroute  to his second straight MSA feature win of the season.


Bio Based .US Midwest Supermodified Association (MSA) Supermodifieds
Fast Qualifier - Dave Shullick Jr. (N.Ridgeville); 14.320
Heat # 1 - Shullick Jr.; Jon Henes (Lagrange); Tim Ice (Seville); Kyle Edwards; A.J. Lesiecki
Heat # 2 - Trent Stephens (Ravenna); Jim Paller; Dave McKnight (Brampton,Ont). Charlie Schultz (Lorain); Mike McVetta (Wellington); Matt Marlowe (Grafton)
Feature (30 laps) - Shullick Jr.; Stephens; Henes; Edwards; Schultz; Lesiecki; Paller; Ice; McKnight; Marlowe; McVetta
The Pie Factory Buckeye Super Sprints (BSS)
Fast Qualifier - Kevin Mingus (Huron) 15.702
Heat # 1 - Frank Neill (Vickery); Charlie Schultz (Lorain); Ross Rollins; Brian Gibbs; Mingus; Zach Gibson (Richwood); Adam Biltz; Kevin Shirey (Oberlin)
Feature (25 laps) - Neill; Shirey; Mingus; Gibbs; Schultz; Rollins; Biltz; Gibson
The Ghostly Manor Modifieds
Fast Qualifier - Jason Drew (N.Ridgeville) 18.348
Heat # 1 - John Bartlome (Lorain); Kenny Sharp (Port Clinton); Jason Wells; Matt Marlowe (Grafton); Tyler Shullick (Vermilion); Norm Taylor (Parma); Drew; Logan Hamilton (Norwalk); Stephen Klinect (Burbank)
Feature (25 laps) - Wells; Sharp; Klinect; Marlowe; Drew; Shullick; Hamilton; Taylor; Bartlome

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