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Gallogly Conquers Columbus Motor Speedway

Cody Gallogly was dominate all night in the 305 Buckeye Super Sprints winning the feature, heat and setting fast time at Columbus Motor Speedway on August 3rd. The Pie Factory Sponsored series visited the speedway for the second time this year and a new feature winner emerged. Setting the pace early on were #89 Brian Gibbs and
‪#‎9R‬ Adam Biltz as the 30 lap feature took the green. On lap two, # 72S Joe Speakman and #21 Frank Neill got together in a night ending crash. As the field restarted, it would be Cody Gallogly going for the lead and never looking back, followed by #65 Doug Berryman and ‪#‎z10‬ Kevin Mingus. A yellow would fly for #35 Dave Saxer for a flat tire on lap18 bunching everyone back up. On the restart, the running order would be Gallogly, Berryman, ‪#‎6L‬ Talon Stephens, Mingus and Biltz rounding out the top 5 and that is how the checker would find them. Making his first sprint... car feature race was Rookie Trey Manson in the #0 car.

Fast time: Gallogly 12.065
Heat 1: Gallogly, Berryman. Speakman, Gibbs, Saxer
Heat 2: Neill, Mingus, Biltz, Manson, Stephens

Feature:Gallogly, Berryman, Stephens, Mingus, Biltz, Saxer, Gibbs, Manson, Neill, Speakman, Todd Buchanan DNS

Stephens Sails to Victory at 36th Annual Sandusky Speedway Hy Miler

Thursday night of the 36th Annual running of the Sandusky Speedway Hy Miler saw the Buckeye Super Sprints in action with Talon Stephens taking home the checker flag. The capacity crowd saw the Pie Factory sponsored Sprints take to the track with #21 Frank Neill and #9 Adam Biltz bringing them to the green flag in the feature event. Doug Berryman would jump to an early lead followed by Biltz and #5 Todd Buchanan. The drivers would shuffle around and by lap six the top three would be Berryman, Buchanan and #6L Talon Stephens. Lap 12 and Lap 13 would be action filled as Buchanan would duck under Berryman and take the lead and Stephens would make a great pass in turn two for the runner up spot. The first yellow of the night would be for a spin by #0 Zach Gibson, which would set up a great restart allowing Stephens to take the lead. During the next 6 laps he would average 114 miles per hour around the ½ mile oval with the checker flying and Buchanan, Berryman, #z10 Kevin Mingus and Gibson rounding out the top 5.
Stephens was elated after the race, complimenting his competitors on the clean racing and hard fought passes. He said they struggled with the car early in the day, but just kept working on things and it paid off. He thanked his sponsors, noted his mascot was here to see him win and that he was sure his car owner, Sam Layne, was smiling down from heaven.



Heat wins would go to Buchanan and Berryman with fast qualifying time to #42 Kevin Shirey 15.446.

Heat 1: Berryman, Gibson, Stephens, Biltz, #43 Jackson, #64 Michael Burkin, Shirey Dnf


Heat 2: Buchanan, #72s Joe Speakman, Mingus, Neill, #89 Bryan Gibs, #99x Tim Buchanan Dnf

Feature: Stephens, Todd Buchanan, Berryman, Mingus, Gibson, Biltz, Neill, Gibs, Burkin, Jackson, Tim Buchanan dnf, Speakman dnf 



Berryman Blasts the Field in the 305 Winged Sprints  



Sandusky Speedway- Doug Berryman, #65, dominated the night winning the second heat and the Pie Factory Sponsored Feature in the 305 Buckeye Super Sprints Series.  Mid Season Championship honors went to points leader Talon Stephens #6L as well as fast qualifying time of the night.  The great weather provided a super fast track according to winner Berryman, after reportedly being under water earlier in the week.  Frank Neill, #21, and Joe Speakman, #72s, brought the winged sprints to the 30 lap feature green flag.  A caution for Kevin Shirey ,#42, on the next lap would bunch them back up. Berryman would be in the lead followed by Speakman and Todd Buchanan, #5.  On lap 15, the top three would change to Berryman, Buchanan and Stephens challenging eventually taking over the runnerup spot to Berryman.  Berryman was dominating by a half a straight away lead and moving thru lapped traffic. Stephens was second until lap 26 when caution was brought out by Stephens as his engine went up in a white puff of smoke.  On the move at the green start was Kevin Mingus, #z10, and Shirey who would round out the top three for the feature finish. Doug Berryman would be the fourth different feature winner in the 5 events ran so far for the series.  The sprints will be back in action the next two weeks  on Saturday, July 20th  and Thursday, July 25th at Hi-Myler at Sandusky Speedway.  





Qualifying:Talon Stephens 15.699  


Heat 1: Doug Berryman, Talon Stephens, Todd Buchanan, Joe Speakman, Adam Biltz, Donavon Daniels

Heat 2: Tim Buchanan, Kevin Shirey, Frank Neill, Kevin Mingus, Michael Burkin  

Feature: Berryman, Mingus, Shirey, Buchanan, Speakman, Neill, Biltz, Burkin, Daniels, Stephens, Buchanan  



Buchanan Buzzes to the front of the Buckeye Super Sprint Series  

Sandusky Speedway- Todd Buchanan buzzed his way to the front in The Pie Factory sponsored 305 Buckeye Super Sprint Series on Saturday night from his fifth place starting spot.  With rain threatening all evening, the event went green to checker with the top five moving to the front from the back of the starting line up.  Daniel Donovan and Joe Speakman would bring the winged sprints to the green of the 25 lap feature action.  Todd Buchanan, Kevin Mingus and Kevin Shirey would jump to the front followed by a charge to the front by Doug Barryman.  As the group would approach lapped traffic, Barryman would be in the runner up spot waiting for a mistake by the flying five of Todd  Buchanan.  That would not be the case as at the checkers it would be Buchanan, Barryman, Mingus, Shirey and Talon Stephens to round out the top five.  Heat race win went to Mingus and fast time went to Stephens.   FT Stephens 15.693   Heat: Mingus, Barryman, Todd Buchanan, Stephens, Shirey, Speakman, Adam Biltz, Donovan, Tim Buchanan dnf   Feature: Todd Buchanan, Barryman, Mingus, Shirey, Stephens, Tim Buchanan, Biltz, Speakman, Donovan dnf  



Stephens Flies on Owners Wings to Victory in Buckeye Super Sprint Series 


Sandusky Ohio- Talon Stephens flew to victory while giving tribute to his car owner Sam Layne, who passed away this week. Fellow Buckeye Super Sprint Car drivers, fans and Sandusky Speedway Officials remembered Sam fondly as a sprint car owner that furthered the sport over his 30 plus years as an owner and 10 different drivers during that time including 4 of them named Stephens. When the checker flag dropped, his current driver was in the lead for a bittersweet victory. Donovan Daniels and Joe Speakman brought the Pie Factory sponsored series to the green flag of feature action. Speakman jumped to the lead with Kevin Mingus on his tail for the next few laps. Stephens and fast qualifier Kevin Shirey would make their way through the pack, and on lap 4 Stephens would take over the runner up spot and set his sites on the front. The green to checker action allowed Stephens to take over the lead followed by Mingus, and Shirey and that is the way they would stay to the end. At the checkers, rounding out the top five were Stephens, Mingus, Shirey, Berryman and Speakman. The Buckeye Super Sprints presented by The Pie Factory will be back in action this Saturday, June 1st at Sandusky Speedway. Fast time-15.467 Kevin Shirey Heat: 6L-Stephens, Z10-Mingus, 42-Shirey, 65- Berryman, 72S-Speakman, 9R- Adam Biltz, 89- Daniels, 99- Buchanan DNS, 58- Buchanan DNS Feature: Stephens, Mingus, Shirey, Berryman, Speakman, Biltz, Daniels


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